Haunted by a constant need for new products?

In the food products and services industry there is a constant need to develop new products. Your business must constantly create new products to remain competitive. This often requires continuous research, testing, and development. It also requires considerable time, energy, and resources. It is a lot of work, but do you have to do all of the work yourself?

Most successful food products or services businesses need a lot more than just one or two new product concepts in development each year, they may need dozens. It is not wise to just pick one idea and hope for the best, so many businesses develop lots of options and try to make the best new product choice they can for their business.

If your business does not have its own testing kitchens and production facilities and chefs and other resources, the development of new products can be very problematic. Your business would definitely benefit from having a friend in the industry that could help with the development of the fantastic new products your business needs.

Even if your company is fortunate enough to have the kitchens, culinary staff, and product testing resources required to develop your own new products. Why would you limit yourself to only the product choices that you are able to create yourself? You need to cultivate as many options as you can so that you can make smarter and better choices of new products for your business. The success of your business is depending on it. What if you could create many new product options with help from a friend, for free?

It might be hard to believe that you can get worthwhile help on complicated work like this for free, but you can, at Epicures Inc. we do it all the time. We know many manufacturers who are always looking for new clients. They would love to make a new product for your business, and they often would gladly develop the product for free just for the opportunity to make the product for you.

Take for example, one of our clients at Epicures Inc., a large restaurant chain with over 1000 locations. They have a regular need for new products to offer their customers to keep their menu timely and vibrant. They periodically contact us and give us some basic parameters like; they want a new appetizer that is not fried. So we contact some manufacturers, develop some options for them, complete with detailed manufacturing information and availability and pricing and samples, and if they like it, they do it. All of this is done at no cost to them. It seems easy because it is, we do it all the time.

Is it smarter to work yourself sick trying to come up with new products for your company every month or every quarter, or would it be smarter to get some free help from a friend in the industry who does this sort of thing for a living?

You might be able to provide your company with new products and menu items and resources you never would have been able to develop on your own simply by making a phone call and not spending a dime. There are companies out there just waiting for the chance to work with you and help you, you just need to give us a call so we can point you in the right direction.