Success and growth in the restaurant business!

Is there any single factor that makes a restaurant business succeed and grow? There is a wide variety of successful restaurant chains across the country that have followed different paths to success. Take a look at some successful restaurant chains and see how each found success in their own way.

Here I will describe a few different successful restaurant chains and hopefully show that there are different paths to success and that there is no one single factor or course of action to follow to guarantee your success. There are many ways to succeed.

"Blaze Pizza" is a fast-casual, made-to-order pizza restaurant chain founded in 2011 in California. It was founded by experienced restaurateurs with excellent industry connections and a great deal of food service industry experience. They also had all of the required financial resources they needed to succeed. Their made-to-order pizza concept has been well designed and executed, and it has led them to experience fantastic growth over the past few years. They currently have over 200 locations in over 30 states and 2 countries and they show no signs of slowing. Their current growth plan will have them opening a new location every week for the foreseeable future. "Blaze Pizza" seems to have everything you need to have a successful and growing restaurant chain.

"Piada Italian Street Food" (or simply Piada) is a fast-casual Italian cuisine restaurant chain founded in 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. Like "Blaze Pizza", this restaurant chain was founded by experienced restaurateurs who had already seen great success in the food service industry. They had great industry connections, restaurant chain experience, and substantial financial resources to help their business succeed. Their fast-casual Italian food concept follows a solid and proven format used by other successful chains like "Chipotle". They currently have over 35 locations in 7 states and they are still growing. "Piada Italian Street Food" seems to have the recipe for success. While they have not seen the phenomenal growth enjoyed by "Blaze Pizza", they have still experienced very impressive growth. Is it any surprise that these restaurant chains have succeeded with all of the advantages of experience, expertise, and financial resources available to them?

"Bubba's 33" is a successful sports restaurant style restaurant chain founded in 2013. Like "Blaze" and "Piada", this restaurant chain was founded by an experienced and successful restaurateur, the founder of Texas Roadhouse restaurants. This restaurant chain has all of the benefits of experience, industry connections, and financial resources required to help any food service business succeed. It has grown to over 20 locations in 8 states, and shows no sign of slowing down. It follows a popular format enjoyed by many sports style restaurants and serves popular foods like burgers and pizza that are enjoyed by all. Like "Blaze" and "Piada", "Bubba's 33" had all the benefits of the previous experience and success of their founders and has turned out to be a great success.

"Rib Crib" is a successful restaurant chain founded in 1992 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "Rib Crib" was not founded by experienced restaurateurs, it was founded by brothers with a passion for barbecue. They did not have an impressive pool of experience and industry resources to draw from, so they would learn as they grew. Since 1992, "Rib Crib" has become very successful and has grown to over 60 locations in 6 states. They are an excellent example of a successful restaurant chain, built from the ground up, started without the experience or resources that other restaurant chains might have enjoyed, but very successful nonetheless.

"Chicken Salad Chick" is a successful restaurant chain founded in 2008 in Auburn, Alabama. This restaurant chain was founded by relatively inexperienced first-time restaurateurs with a passion for chicken salad and a drive to succeed. They had absolutely no real food service experience to speak of, and they did not have any industry connections or substantial financial resources to help them succeed. They have been very successful and have grown to have 51 locations in 9 states and they are still growing. They are a great example of how a successful restaurant chain can be built without industry experience or connections or financial resources; if you are willing to work hard to provide fantastic quality to your customers.

All of these restaurant chains are successful in their own way. It definitely seems to help if your restaurant chain was founded by the owner of another successful restaurant chain, but that is not the only key to success. If you want your restaurant business to grow and succeed you need to look at other successful restaurant businesses and see what they are doing. Hopefully you will learn what you need to know, and enjoy your own success in your business.

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